Our entire product range can be customised to suit any purpose. Below are the details of some popular options for your consideration. If there's an addition you would like that isn't on this list below, please contact us for a free quote.


You can choose from any of the colours in the ColourBond® range or choose to have the shed in the standard zincalume. To see the entire ColorBond® range, click here.

Doors, Windows and Skylights

You can choose any number of personal access doors (which can be made to open the full 180 degrees or just 90 degrees), roller doors (manually operated or motorised) and glass sliding doors. We provide a range of locks and security devices.

You can also choose to have windows of various sizes (both opening and non-opening) and skylights installed to provide some natural lighting to the interior of your building.


We work with only the most reputable suppliers such as Kingspan, Bradford and Innocell and can help you to select and install the best insulation for your building.

Fully Enclosed or Open End

Sheds of any size can be made fully enclosed or open end as suits the application.

UltraFrame® or C-Section

We are proud to sell both UltraFrame® and C-Section sheds and are thus able to provide you with the best structure for your project.

Mains power connection

Any shed we provide can be connected to the mains power supply safely and securely and will provide reliable power to your building.


We stock a wide range of whirlies, for a range of applications that require ventilation, from residential to industrial.


If you're looking for something that's not on this list, please contact us for a free quote.