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Log Cabin Structures

Garden houses are both pretty and practical. Throughout the year, you may use it to protect your garden furniture against the elements and humidity. It may also give shelter to the tender plants that would not otherwise withstand sustained cold. Hence, besides being a cosy getaway, a garden house may be used as a storage room as well.

Garden houses are mostly manufactured from timber - this is a natural material that will harmonise with any garden setting. There are garden houses in various shapes and sizes - from simple small cabins without Window with an area of about a square metre to houses with large Door and Window and several rooms. If you use your garden house for lodging or as a holiday home, or if you wish to hold a party there, the house can be supplied with electrical and water supply connections.

The product line includes garden houses, saunas, playhouses for children, gazebos and garages with the wall thicknesses of 28mm, 40mm,58mm and 70mm. We ensure high quality with well-considered elements, such as:

  • Wind-resistant corner joints.
  • Door and Window from glued timber are glazed with real glass, and have tilt-and-turn openings.
  • 58mm and 70mm houses have double-glazed Door and Window, seals and aluminium water drips.
  • All the houses have impregnated foundation beams.
  • 40mm and thicker wall boards are double-grooved.
  • Skirting and floor boards cut to match the design are included.
  • All the models have storm bars, corner joints of 58mm and 70mm houses have metal support bars.
  • All the houses are complete with an assembly kit, asphalt roofing paper and a thorough installation manual.

The products are manufactured from high quality raw materials using the state-of-the-art technology and most contemporary machinery. Our primary aim is to manufacture perfect garden houses and ensure their accurate and timely delivery to our clients.